Remote Sensing

 We prepared remotely-sensed data for sea surface temperature (SST), sea surface height (SSH), surface winds, and chlorophyll-a (chl-a) for the 3×3 km² northern Gulf of Alaska (nGOA) study area, and at 9×9 km² for the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska (BS/GOA) study area. The nGOA data were prepared as monthly, long-term averages (climatologies). The BS/GOA data were prepared as monthly averages, for all months of available data (See Data Table). We also generated monthly climatologies for the entire eastern North Pacific, at spatial scales closest to the native resolution of the various sensors.
Remote sensing data for the northern Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea data sets are provided in Alaska Albers (NAD27) equal-area projection with default (ESRI) parameters. The larger extent, eastern North Pacific data are provided in Mercator projection, using default parameters except the central meridian set to 180°. Bathymetric and Remote sensing variables are provided as rasters in floating point file format.

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