Eastern North Pacific climatologies

During the process of documenting the processes required to prepare the Remote sensing data, we felt that climatologies for broader extents, at a spatial resolution native to the source data, may also constitute a useful data product – one whose inclusion would require minimal additional effort.

We therefore prepared monthly climatologies for chl-a, SLA, SST, and surface winds at their native resolutions, for the entire eastern North Pacific and Bering Sea (Figure 1). The extents are approximately 66.5°N to 32°N, and from 156°E to 117°W.

We did not prepare a bathymetric framework for this data set, as each variable is presented at a different spatial resolution, without a common, rectified grid. Users of these data will therefore need to create a bathymetric raster for their area of interest, and then project the climatologies onto that grid to align the data sets at the resolution of interest.

As with the nGOA climatologies, these data are provided as a set of 12 binary floating point files. The data have been projected to a WGS 1984 Mercator projection with standard ESRI default parameters, except the central meridian was changed to 180°.

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