Describing marine habitats and creating marine classifications requires the best available spatial data. Assembling such data sets can be a considerable amount of work. One of my goals is therefore to make spatial data as accessible as possible to those doing ecological research.

My work is focused on the eastern North Pacific, and has included higher resolution work in both British Columbia and the Bering Sea. Below is a description of some data sets that have been packaged for distribution. More will come as time and demand permits.

If you think I might have data of interest to your project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Eastern North Pacific

From earlier studies of sea lion habitat, fisheries, and economics during my time at the UBC Marine Mammal Unit, we processed a variety of spatial environmental data sets for analysis. For an idea of how the projects align with respect to study areas, see this Figure from our reportThese data are now available on request, complete with FGDC-compatible metadata, to interested researchers.

The data include climatologies of remote sensing data for the entire Eastern North Pacific, as well as a suite of variables output from an oceanographic (i.e., ROMS) circulation model for just the Gulf of Alaska.


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