Jumping into the Blog pool

Seems like everyone blogs now. But blogging is tough for me. Never sure if something is good enough to throw out there. But sometimes, you just get fed up. You write a letter to the editor, submit an opinion piece. And they typically reject it. So I put it here. Plus some other, occasional musing.

What I said to the JRP

imgresOn Friday, January 18th, I along with some colleagues from UBC had the opportunity to present the the Enbridge Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel. It was a somewhat intimidating experience, given the format , the police presence, and the exclusion of the public. But it was also inspiring, because of the quality of the presentations, and the articulate way in which everyone, without exception, expressed their belief that this project is a bad idea.

Below is the text of what I said, and what I didn’t get a chance to say. 

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